Fall / Autumn Church Sign Sayings

Fall is an amazing time of the year.  Where I live, there are 4 very distinct seasons, and the first crisp morning I welcome like a friend I haven’t seen in years.  Somehow, the morning coffee tastes better when the leaves are changing their hue.

During a period of such profound change, I believe that autumn the perfect time to give inspiration to the congregation and community… even it is just a simple message.  Hopefully this group of Fall Church Sign messages will help you inspire yours.

Church Sign Sayings Character Count Word Count
Grass Withers and Flowers Fade, But The Word Of The Lord Will Stand Forever 75 14
God’s glory shines through his creation 45 7
Fall For Jesus, He Never Leaves 31 6
As Leaves fall may your spirit soar – fuel inside 55 9
Fall… In love with Jesus 30 5
Are you part of God’s harvest? 36 7
If the Devil is offering you a treat, It’s a trick! 57 12
Living without Gods spirit is like trying to dribble a football 63 11
God’s season is open 24-7 31 6
Stop searching, Drop all doubt, & Roll with the Lord 57 9
Autumn leaves – Jesus doesn’t 41 5
Live Within Your Harvest 24 4
Is it time to fall back to church? 34 8
Live within your harvest, reap what you sow 43 8
The devil’s trick is no treat 35 7