Easter Church Sign Sayings

Easter is an extremely important time for Christians and it is typically one of the most well-attended Sunday services of the year for Christian churches.

Spread the message about the resurrection of Jesus Christ throughout your community – and the world – with a poignant Easter Church Sign Saying.

Church Sign Sayings Character Count Word Count
Where in the world is your heart. 33 7
Warning! Spoiler alert! The tomb is empty! 42 7
Christ didn’t stay dead, and he won’t stay gone! 60 11
God is the Author of Spring 27 6
Jesus came to save us, not to condemn us 40 9
Silly rabbit Easer is for Jesus. 34 6
Have not seen you since Easter Sunday. Miss You… Love Jesus 67 11
He’s up He’s out, He’s about 46 9
The Tomb of Christ is famous because of what it DOES NOT CONTAIN 64 13
“This King’s tomb is empty – He is risen!” 66 9
Worship now. Beat the Easter rush. 35 6
Jesus died in our place to give us His peace 44 10
worthy is the lamb who was slain 32 7
God’s justice and mercy met at the cross 46 9
Jesus gave us His all to set us free, Yes free from sin 55 13
Believing Christ died is history.. Believing He died for you is salvation. 74 12
We use Duct Tape to fix everything… God used nails 56 10
The Crucifixion is followed by the Resurrection; darkness is always followed by light. 86 13
Silly Rabbit, Easter is for Jesus 33 6
Easter surprise? The tomb is empty. 36 6
We’re Still Here Between Christmas and Easter! 52 8
The key to heaven was hanging on the cross! 43 9
Now open between Easter and Christmas! 38 6
Easter is more than something to dye for 40 8
Hot Cross Bun Love, the Risen Son 33 7
Jesus is Alive! That is the real reason for Hope and Change! 60 12
3 Nails 1 Cross 4 Given 25 3
Christians celebrate Easter every Sunday! 41 5
From death he did rise and will come again 42 9
Every Bunny is loved by Jesus 29 6
The story of Easter is the story of God’s wonderful window of divine surprise 83 15
Sonrise, a gift from God. 25 5
No bunny loves you like Jesus! 30 6
LENT: Spring Training for Christians EASTER: OPENING DAY 57 8
Jesus paid the price. You get to keep the change 48 10
God loves his PEEPS! 20 4
Without Good Friday, Easter would be impossible 47 7
The tomb is empty 17 4
The key to heaven was hung on a nail 36 9
Spring is in the air – God is everywhere! 47 8
You can’t keep a good man down! Happy Easter 50 10
Now open between Easter and Christmas! 38 6
Beat the Easter Rush Come to Church this Sunday 47 9
The Easter Bunny didn’t rise from the dead 48 9
In His death we walk in new life 32 8
LENT: Preparation for the SONRISE 33 5
Easter is the demonstration of God that life is essentially spiritual and timeless 82 13
Easter shouldn’t be the only Sunday you rise to go to Church 66 13
He Lives! Jesus Lives today 27 5
Where man sees but withered leaves, God sees sweet flowers growing 66 11
Easter Aftermath – You can’t keep a good man down! 62 10
He came back from the dead! Meet Him this Sunday at 9:30! 57 11
The empty tomb proves Christianity. The empty church denies it 62 10
He is Risen! Not politically, but historically correct! 55 8
Our sins put Him on the Cross, but Love kept Him there! 55 12
Come in today and beat the Easter crowd 39 8
How does the Easter Bunny say Happy Easter? Hoppy Easter 56 10
Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life 53 10
The greatest gift that can ever be given is the gift of salvation 65 13