25 Most Recently Submitted

If you utilize this Christian resource on a regular basis, then this section is designed specifically for you. Check back as Church Sign Sayings are submitted on a daily basis and I update the 25 most recently submitted as often as possible.

Church Sign Sayings Character Count Word Count
Smooth seas do not good sailors make. 37 7
Thanksgiving is Thanks Living! 30 4
GRACE: Giving us what we do not deserve / MERCY: Not giving us what we do. 74 15
God believes in you 19 4
We’re user-friendly! Come on in. 39 6
Faith: No Proof Required / Doubt: No Proof Enough 49 8
Grass Withers and Flowers Fade, But The Word Of The Lord Will Stand Forever 75 14
Knowing The Bible Is One Thing, Knowing The Author Is Another 61 11
If you were on trial for being a Christian would there be enough evident to convict? 84 16
Sunday is Father’s Day. This Sunday – Next Sunday and a Million Sunday’s Away. 97 15
Jesus is our lifeboat in the storms of life 43 9
having riches without Christ is dangerous, having Christ without riches is impossible. 86 12
Jesus plus nothing equals everything 36 5
Remembering Those Who We Should Never Forget 44 7
Don’t hide your light, come shine with us! 48 9
Pray long this May long 23 5
God gives us freedom of choice. Veterans give us freedom to choose. 68 12
Fully Rely On God! Are you a FROG? 34 8
Don’t Get Caught With Your Spiritual Alarm Off! 53 9
Are you lost? Get found with GPS…God’s Plan of Salvation. 70 12
Thank The Father for your mother on Mother’s Day! 55 10
God Recycles, He Made You From Dust 35 7
Silly rabbit Easer is for Jesus. 34 6