25 Most Recently Submitted

If you utilize this Christian resource on a regular basis, then this section is designed specifically for you. Check back as Church Sign Sayings are submitted on a daily basis and I update the 25 most recently submitted as often as possible.

Church Sign Sayings Character Count Word Count
the past looks back, the present looks down, the future looks forward and up. 77 14
Cloudy with a chance of Love…Full forecast inside 55 9
Don’t let God’s power within you die out 52 10
It’s too cold to change the sign, come inside for the message! 68 13
Faith in Jesus can turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones 61 10
Jesus came to save us, not to condemn us 40 9
God; Help me to live not my way, but Yahweh 43 10
God hates sin, but does not abandon the sinner 46 9
Let your past make you better, not bitter 41 8
Love is a choice, not just a feeling 36 8
Whatever is around the corner, God is already there. 52 9
You are a dying body with an undying soul 41 9
Don’t forget about your soul 34 6
Trust Obey Pray Repeat 22 4
Hell ahead. Exit here for heaven 32 6
We’re All Bout Dat Grace Bout Dat Grace No Devil 54 11
Why wish upon a star, if you can pray to the One Who created it? 64 15
time flys so make sure GOD is your pilot 40 9
I’m CHRISTIAN, because without CHRISTian. I Am Nothing. 61 9
The Ten Commandments are NOT multiple choice. 45 7
GOOGLE: It can’t satisfy every search. 44 7
When life knocks you to your knees, pray. 41 8
God is Love 11 3
Parking for church members only. (Trespassers will be forgiven). 64 9